Austrian Crystals and Rhinestones for Craft Projects

Crystals and rhinestones are sparkling pieces of jewelry that look very much like diamonds. They are available in a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes, and are often used as jewelry or decoration pieces. Colors look very natural, and you can easily tell the colors of the stones from the names. Each color is given a unique name. A few examples, Emerald means green, Amethyst means purple, ruby or siam means red, and so on.

Using different colors is necessary for any craft projects. This is especially true for any art pieces, multiple colors will convey different messages. An artist will tend to use craft pieces as a mode of expression, it is necessary to have stones of varied colors so that artists can be as expressive as they want

furthermore, crystals and rhinestones also come in many different sizes. Sizes are measured in "ss", also defined as "stone size". Sizes can range from a value of 5 to 48. The biggest stone can have a diameter that is as wide as 12mm. The tiniest stone could be as small as having a diameter that is less than 2mm.

Having different sizes mean artists can use these stones to express many different things in the universe. For example, ss5 stones could easily be used in a craft project to create varied patterns such as circles, squares or stars. Other things stones can represent include planets, treasures, etc.

A special characteristic about crystals and rhinestones is their large amount of reflective facets. As you shine a light through a stone, the light will be refracted in all directions. One can emphasize this feature on any project. For sure, the stones will superbly improve the general appearance of the project, and make it more attention catching.

Besides the beautiful outer appearance of crystals and rhinestones these stones are highly suitable for craft projects because some of these stones come with adhesive glue on their flat surface These stones are specially suited for attaching to clothing.

These stones are commonly known as hot fix crystals or rhinestones. The name describes the adhering process very well. The glue needs to be heated before attaching the stones Here is how it works.

Glue is located on the bottom of hot fix stones. As heat is applied to the stone, the glue softens. This will allow the stone to be put on another surface and stick. The heat source is then removed, and the stone is allowed to cool for a few seconds. The glue hardened as it cools off, and after just a few short seconds, the stone is attached to the surface.

Of course, special tools such as a heat wand will be required to help with the fixing process. You can use this process to fix stones to clothing, craft projects, and any other surface that you desire.

So the next time you work on a craft project, consider buying some Austrian crystals or rhinestones. When you buy in bulk, the prices are very reasonable.

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