Crafts For Kids

Crafts for kids are very popular with parents. It helps them educate their child and enhance their creativity. To make simple crafts all you will need are some supplies like construction paper, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, and macaroni.

Helpful Tips on Crafts For Kids

Tip 1 – Macaroni Necklaces

This is a traditional craft that your kids will surely have fun in doing. All you will need is some yarn and colored macaroni. Then teach your kids to string the macaroni and fashion it into a necklace.

Tip 2 – Pipe Cleaner Construction

With this craft you can use different colored pipe cleaners. By twisting them into shapes they can make animals, building, and anything that fancies your child. Then you can place it on a cardboard and arrange them to make a mini zoo or town.

Tip 3 – Sponge Decors
With the help of sponges you can help enhance the creativity of your kid in drawing. You cut the sponges into shapes like stars, moon, circles, squares, or flowers. Then dip them into paint and apply it on a construction paper. Then you can help your kid frame their artwork.

Tip 4 – Toothpick Art

This particular craft would need lots of toothpicks, gumdrops, marshmallows. Insert toothpicks in marshmallows or gumdrops then you can start building your own bridge or building.

Tip 5 – Paper Chains

You will need to cut strips of paper and glue both ends together to form a circle. Then insert another strip in the circle and glue again both ends until you will form a chain. You can use the paper chains to decorate your room.

Tip 6 – Puppets

With some sheets of foam you can cut out butterflies, flowers, dogs, trees, fishes, and so many more. After painting the cutouts your kids can glue them into Popsicle sticks and start their own puppet show.

Tip 7 – Headbands
You can make simple headbands out of construction paper. Make sure it is the right size of your child’s head. You can add some glitzy accessories.

These crafts for kids will surely be an enjoyable pastime. Even the whole family can join and have fun in doing these artsy projects.

Author: Conan Jason